Roy Marriott, MCC

bespoke coaching for leaders, teams and coaches

Coaching Skills Training

Coaching skills training for leaders, managers and Agile Coaches in your organisation.

When coaching is used as a leadership style, team members are more engaged and motivated, deliver better results and want to stay with your business for longer.

I train Solutions Focused coaching, which is a particularly positive and Agile approach. It's especially suitable for business leaders of all levels, because it can be deployed in minutes as well as hours, doesn't require any "psychological insights," and is remarkably effective at getting stuck situations moving. 

Every organisation is different, so training is tailored for your specific needs. Programmes are available from 2 hour tasters to 6 month leadership development programmes. For more details, email me on

ICF Certified Training

I deliver ICF certified coach training as part of Solutions Academy. This training is live online training, in 4 hour sessions once every 2 weeks - so you can become a fully qualified ICF coach without having to leave your office or home!

There are two programmes. The 60 hour programme is sufficient for ICF accreditation (ACC level), while the 132 hour programme gives you all the training you need to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). For details of forthcoming programmes, see the courses page.

Leadership Coaching

I offer coaching to help you make rapid progress with your most pressing issues. This can be online over Zoom/Teams or face-to-face in the venue of your choice.

Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Time Mastery
  • Resilience & Stress Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Delegation
  • Negotiation

Next Steps:
Schedule a complimentary call to discuss your aims and see if we're a good fit for each other. 


A truly great training from start to finish - my expectations were very high from the beginning, but the outcome has exceeded them

Niklas Tiger - CEO, Hi5 IT Consultancy, Umeå, Sweden


9 years on, this is still absolutely the most rewarding course I have ever been on.  I use the skills every day, knowing that they are the most ethical and effective way to get lasting results for individuals, teams and customers.

Steve Batson  - Program Manager, South Metro Health, Rockingham, Western Australia

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Using the methods Roy taught us, we’ve been able to cut our project planning workshops with customers from 3 or 4 days down to 1 day. Not only that, we can do things with our customers that we could never do before.

Jonas Lundin - Hi5 IT Consultancy, Umeå, Sweden