What is Solution Focus and how does it help with Agile?

A 90 minute workshop for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, exploring the SF approach to engaging people in Professional Coaching, Facilitation and Change. 

Solution Focus is a highly engaging way of generating progress, that's closely aligned with the Agile Manifesto values and principles. In fact, one Agile Coach who came across it said, "SF coaching is even more Agile than the methodologies - it gives you the interactions you want in an Agile environment" 

SF generates results such as:

  • breaking a 2 year deadlock in 5 minutes
  • helping a team off a performance "plateau" - and start responding to customer input 14x more frequently
  • getting customer requirement meetings from 3 or 4 days down to 1... and enabling more flexibility at the same time
  • etc etc

SF is an approach to coaching and communication that gets people on board and thinking in new ways. One workshop participant said that when asked some SF questions he experienced "a series of mini lightbulb moments.

It's particularly helpful in complex situations, overcoming resistance to change, building psychological safety, enabling safer and more powerful feedback, and a myriad other ways. It's a form of servant-leadership that can be quite transformational for those you serve - and save you time as well (one leader managed to save 6 hours in one day using this approach!).

So it's remarkably effective - but you'll only believe it when you experience it for yourself.

So in this free workshop you'll experience:

  • An overview of the approach, and how it enabled Niklas to break that 2 year deadlock in 5 minutes
  • An exercise that helps you compare the SF approach with more conventional ways of coaching
  • A live coaching demonstration, so you can see it in action
  • An overview of the SF "toolkit" - and....
  • the different ways you can use it to accelerate Agile Transformations, e.g. to generate change without generating resistance

Next Steps

To book this workshop (or something similar) for your meetup, contact roy@roymarriott.com.