SF Coaching for Psychological Safety

A 90 minute workshop for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. 

According to Google research, Psychological Safety is the fundamental factor in high team performance.

Solutions Focus is an Agile approach to coaching, facilitation, training and transformation. It includes 6 tools and 6 principles, each of which contributes to Psychological Safety.

This workshop includes:

  • Solutions Focused warm-up: "of all the things you're doing at work at the moment, which are you most pleased with?"
    Psychological Safety - the key to the high performing team (Google research)
  • Overview of the Solutions Focused paradigm, and how it differs to a "Problem Focused" approach
  • Experience the difference between Solutions Focus and a more conventional approach, on a live topic for you
  • 6 Solutions Focused Tools + 6 Solutions Focused Principles
  • Live demonstration of Solutions Focus in action
  • Try out SF coaching yourself
  • At least one SF technique which you can take away and use immediately, to help people handle their most pressing challenges - feeling more confident and finding quick, easy and effective ways forward.

Next Steps

To book this workshop for your organisation, meetup or conference, contact roy@roymarriott.com.